The Why Of Scrum By Tobias Mayer

What's in it for me?

Attempting to change from a command-and-control culture, to a collaborate-and-release culture, and to understand the complex nature of the people and systems problems requires a very different way of thinking. Similar to a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly, this change requires, not a gradual shift but a total breakdown of the current paradigm and the building of a new mind, a new approach.

One day workshop The Why of Scrum is an experience that looks beyond Scrum rules and process and into the heart of Scrum, drawing out its meaning and purpose and helping you understand its transformative power. It is for any practitioner of Scrum, whether Scrum Master, Product Owner, team member, or manager/director/executive supporting a Scrum transition — i.e. all those who take Scrum seriously and wish to leverage its values, principles and overall philosophy towards the creation of a meaningful and productive workplace.

Who's facilitating it?

Tobias Mayer: I believe in the purposeful integration of all aspects of our lives to create our personal dream. I believe that by sharing our dreams we build healthy community. And I believe that healthy community will cultivate a new generation of leaders—women and men filled with compassion, releasing control, leading through trust. I draw on twenty-five years experience in the fields of social service, group facilitation, organizational restructuring and individual counseling to inform my personal quest for engaged, purposeful citizenship. I am the author of the highly acclaimed book, The People's Scrum, and the creator/curator of AgileLib.Net—an online library of agile-related resources built by agile practitioners for agile practitioners.

What do I pay for?

Prepare for interactive experiences where the learning is multi-directional and the form continually changes to meet the needs of the group. Expect to encounter poetry, drawing, storytelling, socratic dialog, improvisation, creative writing, theatre games, metaphor and, occasionally and respectfully, scripture.

As a participant you will not sit still for long, neither will you stare, passively at a speaker or a slide deck. You will bring yourself, and discover others. You will not be fed knowledge. The facilitation alone is my responsibility, the learning is all yours.

The price contains:

  • great experience and closer look into personal values,
  • 15% discount for Scrum Days 2017 conference,
  • lunch and snacks.

How should I prepare?

No particular preparation is needed. Overall knowledge of Scrum is a plus. Openness to personal discoveries is a must.

Additional Information

This course will be taught in English.

    Podana niżej cena uwzględnia 30% upustu dla uczestników konferencji Scrum Days 2017.

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