Change Catalysts

Change Catalysts – usually agile coaches, Scrum Masters and alike, but also all the individuals who are agile advocates – are enablers for enterprise agility. They are where the action is. Day by day by day. They provide guidance to individuals and teams at all levels of the organization. They identify organizational impediments and focus the organization on removing them. They foster empiricism and self-organization. They are the most experienced and recognized agile leaders around.

Short-term Goals (3–12 months)

  • Initial group of change catalysts are either internally identified or externally hired. Their potential and growth areas are identified.
  • A change catalyst role (responsibilities and accountabilities) is defined. Preliminary version of the role checklist is created.
  • Development means (such as Community of Practice, training, mentoring and coaching) to help individuals follow the guidelines are provided. Learning reinforcement mechanisms (objectives, reviews, assessments) are in place.
  • Understanding and use of agile methods (including Scrum events, artifacts and roles) across the organization is measured (by objective and subjective measures) and improves.
  • Teams’ productivity (efficiency and effectiveness) is defined, measured and used as guiding metric for change catalysts’ assessment.

Long-term Goals (2–6 years)

  • Necessary staffing changes were introduced.
  • Teams’ productivity (efficiency and effectiveness) constantly improves.
  • Change catalysts’ checklist is fully maintained and sustained by the Community of Practice. Change catalysts fulfill its expectations.
  • Change catalysts are recognized at the team level as key partners to effective use of agile methods.
  • Change catalysts are recognized by the management as key partners to further advance in organizational agility.

Means to achieve goals

  • Coaching, mentoring, shadowing, supervision, providing constant feedback.
  • Suggesting and providing impromptu workshops and training.
  • Fostering Community of Practice and cross-learning.

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